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Early midlife crisis signs
Mental Health

7 Signs You’re Having an Early Midlife Crisis


How do you know if you’re having an early midlife crisis? When you’re 35 and experiencing what seems to be …


Best Self-Love Books to Read

9 Best Self-Love Books for Women


Looking for the best self-love books for more confidence and happiness? A few years ago, …

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How Was Your Day Reply

How Was Your Day Reply: 14 Easy Ways to respond


Your day has come to an end, and you’re now chatting with friends or family. …

Shadow Work Prompts

50 Shadow Work Prompts for Growth and Healing


What is Shadow Work and Why Is It Important? Have you ever heard of shadow …

Best Mindset Tips for Creatives

Best Planners for Creatives in 2023


What are the best planners and organizers for 2023? You’ve promised yourself that this year …

How to Become Your Authentic Self

How to Become Your Authentic Self


There’s nothing quite like being your true self. It’s empowering and liberating, and it can …

14 Inspiring Books by Black Women


Looking for Inspiring Books by Black Women? In recognition of black history and black excellence, …

Being happy in your 30s works better if you really embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life experiences. Here are 4 tips to be happier in your 30s.

4 Life Lessons to Be Happy in Your 30s


What can you do to be happy in your 30s?   “You have to let …


self-love affirmations

55 Self-Love Affirmations to Shift Your Mindset

Wondering if you should be using self-love affirmations? Loving yourself is one of the most …

Affirmations for Confidence

30 Powerful Affirmations for Confidence

It’s easy to forget how powerful affirmations for confidence can be, especially when we’re feeling …