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Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurs
Mindset Tips

5 Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurs

What are the best mindset tips for entrepreneurs? Running a successful business requires more than just having a good idea; …

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Early midlife crisis signs
Mental Health

7 Signs You’re Having an Early Midlife Crisis

Kari Sayers

How do you know if you’re having an early midlife crisis? When you’re 35 and experiencing what seems to be …


Best Self-Love Books to Read

9 Best Self-Love Books for Women

Kari Sayers

Looking for the best self-love books for more confidence and happiness? A few years ago, …

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Become the best version of yourself

Best Mindset Tips for Creatives

Best Planners for Creatives in 2023


What are the best planners and organizers for 2023? You’ve promised yourself that this year …

How to Become Your Authentic Self

How to Become Your Authentic Self


There’s nothing quite like being your true self. It’s empowering and liberating, and it can …

14 Inspiring Books by Black Women

Kari Sayers

Looking for Inspiring Books by Black Women? In recognition of black history and black excellence, …

Being happy in your 30s works better if you really embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life experiences. Here are 4 tips to be happier in your 30s.

4 Life Lessons to Be Happy in Your 30s

Kari Sayers

What can you do to be happy in your 30s?   “You have to let …

5 Things That Happen in Your 30s

5 Things That Happen in Your 30s (without warning)


I wanted to write about sunshine and daisies this week. I really did! But this …

Signs of Self-Sabotaging

How to Recognize the Signs of Self-Sabotaging


Ready to Learn the Signs of Self-Sabotaging? Let me tell you the story about one …


Affirmations for Confidence

30 Powerful Affirmations for Confidence

It’s easy to forget how powerful affirmations for confidence can be, especially when we’re feeling …

Morning Affirmations for the Universe

22 Morning Affirmations for the Universe

Can Affirmations for the Universe Improve Your Life? “To experience the Universe, I need to …