Self-Love Guided Journal

Mastering the Mindset of Self-Love is a journal designed to support you on your journey to embracing a lifestyle that includes spending more time, energy, and money on yourself.

Inside, you will find 28 activities designed to help you to move closer to living a life that is rich in self-acceptance, self-rejuvenation, and self-love. By the time you complete the journal, you will have:

• A clearer understanding of what self-love looks like in your life

• A better view of what steps you need to take to continue your self-love journey

• An expanded awareness of the unhealthy habits that are blocking your happiness and prosperity

• A deeper perspective on how to create a better relationship with the one person who has supreme power over your life–YOU!

The goal is that you will use this journal to reflect on your experiences, thoughts, and feelings as it pertains to mastering the mindset of self-love for a happier life.

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Journal Reviews

“This was my 1st true experience of journaling and I must say I really enjoyed it. It was so easy for me to take on this task of searching and finding myself through journaling. I would recommend this to every woman I cross paths with who’s on her journey to finding who she is and loving that person. Fantastic journal!” Dee H.

“I love this book! It has amazing activites, and it is a sturdy book. Very well organized and lots of room to write as much as you want/need. Helped me a lot.” – McKenzie W.

“Full of beautiful and easy to do self-love practices that touch on every area of life. I’m really loving it!” Breana C.