positive affirmations for money
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18 Money Affirmations to Inspire a Positive Money Mindset


Looking for money affirmations that work? Have you ever really sat back and thought about your core beliefs about money? ...

Early midlife crisis signs
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7 Signs You’re Having an Early Midlife Crisis

Kari Sayers

How do you know if you’re having an early midlife crisis? When you’re 35 and experiencing what seems to be ...

Being happy in your 30s works better if you really embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life experiences. Here are 4 tips to be happier in your 30s.
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4 Life Lessons to Be Happy in Your 30s

Kari Sayers

What can you do to be happy in your 30s?   “You have to let go of who you were ...

5 Things That Happen in Your 30s
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5 Things That Happen in Your 30s (without warning)


I wanted to write about sunshine and daisies this week. I really did! But this week, to be honest, I ...

Signs of Self-Sabotaging
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How to Recognize the Signs of Self-Sabotaging


Ready to Learn the Signs of Self-Sabotaging? Let me tell you the story about one particular liar that scared me ...

Learning how to balance your life, even when you are struggling, is different for everyone. What works for you one week, may not work for you the next. Here are a few tips that tend to help me the most.

How to Create a Balanced Life When You Are Struggling


Truthfully, I don’t know how to create a balanced life. As I write this, my mindset feels anything but gorgeous. ...