9 Simple Productivity Tools To Help You Be More Productive

By Kari

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Looking for incredibly simple productivity tools to help you be more productive? This list is for you!

Over the years, I’ve learned that I am most productive on days when my time management is on point. Time management for me is all about budgeting my time well.

When I start my day with a realistic to-do list, I am able to stay focused, get more done in less time, produce better quality outcomes both at home and at work, and make more time for things I love.

The tools and apps below will help you organize your time and be more productive.

9+ Simple Productivity Tools to Help You Be More Productive

9 Time Management Tools and Apps

Simplify Your Time: Stop Running and Start Living by Marcia Ramsland

(eBook) Simplify Your Time is a practical & entertaining 30 day Time Makeover! With 5 minute chapters, you will manage your time and life more effectively.

Read Simplify Your Time

Focus Booster

(App) This app is great for anyone who feels like procrastination is holding them back. It’s based on the Pomodoro Technique and intended to help you feel less pressure completing your daily tasks.

Download Focus Booster

Time Doctor

(Desktop App) Time Doctor is a desktop-based application that can be used to track the amount of time you are spending on specific tasks and projects. This app is good for business owners, remote employees, and individuals. It tracks your productivity and provides detailed analytics of where time is spent in the workday.

Get Time Doctor

It’s About Time by Aby Garvey

(eCourse) Create a customized time management system that is in sync with your values and priorities and helps you feel in control with It’s About Time.

Get It’s About Time


(App) This app helps you to focus your energy on the right things. You can easily organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so you’ll always know exactly what to work on next.

Download Todoist

Organize Your Life with Trello by Cara Harvey & Elisa Giorgio

(eCourse) A digital course that helps moms who are sick of being overwhelmed and finally want to get control of everything.

Get Organize Your Life


(App) This app helps you to get stuff done by digitalizing your to-do lists. It will help you to better organize your tasks, no matter how big or small, and plan for work, groceries, holidays, etc.

Download Wunderlist

Personality Based Time Management© by Susie Glennan

(eBook) Don’t fall for the one size fits all myth! Learn about personality based time management© from someone who was not born organized and has been there and done that for more than 20 years.

Grab a Copy Here

Take Back Your Time: How to Become a Motivated Time-Saving Mama by Emily Bendler

(eBook) Emily’s book will help you to efficiently manage your time so you can get things done and make time for the people you love and yourself.

Grab a Copy Here


(App) This app allows families to created shared calendars so that they can know each other’s schedules and make better use of their own time.

Download TimeTree

My hope is that one or more of these tools will help you become more organized and be more productive. Better planning, goal-setting, and prioritizing your activities will help you see great improvements!

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