3 Tips to Enhance Your Journaling Experience

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Journaling is a fantastic way to improve mental health, promote self-improvement, and assist in manifesting your goals. 

However, there are ways to go about journaling besides connecting a writing utensil to paper. 

Even if you enjoy journaling on its own, we’ll show you how to enhance your journaling experience. This way, you can set the tone and mood, as if you were entering a new world. 

With extreme focus and shifting your mind to get into a zone, you will feel empowered with these three journaling tips. 

Wield Your Wand: Pens for Journaling

Believe it or not, but the pen you use can undoubtedly enhance your journaling experience. 

A boring BIC pen that won’t work after a few uses isn’t the answer. 

Consider the following options:

  • Fountain pen: The free-flowing nature of fountain pens will make you feel at ease with every stroke. Decorative, luxury fountain pens are available in all colors and patterns, adding personality into the mix. 
  • Quill pen: Also known as the feather pen, these pens made for calligraphy can also change the way you journal with its beauty. They usually come in sets, with ink and nibs available.  
  • Vintage: At times, quill and fountain pens will be under “vintage,” but these types of pens can also come in a unique material. For instance, glass, wood, and bamboo may be available under vintage pens.  

Types of Journals for a Better Experience

The landscape of where you will lay the bricks of your words to build your life and future is essential. 

That’s why those spiral notebooks that go on sale during “Back to School” promos aren’t the solution.  

Notebooks that will enhance your journaling experience are:

  • Leather-bound: There are various leather, or faux leather journals available. However, vintage leather is a whole new level. The material itself will you give an authentic feel. Not to mention, some of these journals look like the diary of an explorer in the 1400s, decked out in accessories.
  • Themed notebooks: Having a themed journal after your favorite TV show or book can make your journaling experience fun. For instance, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, there is a journal for your favorite sigil. 
  • Gratitude journal: There are journals out there specifically for gratitude, filled with quotes of positivity and mindfulness.

Diffusers: Set the Mood for Journaling

If you haven’t heard of these magical devices already, a diffuser bursts the scent of essential oils all around your room.  

The objective of a diffuser is to lighten the mood, as some essential oils can promote relaxation, such as lavender oil. 

Many diffusers have lights on top of them and come in different modes, depending on how you feel.

If you’re in a quiet room, the sound of the diffuser will be audible, and it’s soothing as the water turns into mist. 

To enter eternal bliss, have the diffuser near your journaling space, with your specially picked pen and journal. 

Journaling doesn’t have to be mundane. 

You can enhance your journaling experience by obtaining tools that mean something to you, whether it’s a fancy pen or a beautiful vintage leather notebook. These small changes can make journaling worthwhile, giving you better results. 

Don’t forget the diffuser! Embrace many different essential oils to fit your mood and transform your mindset for the better. 

How to enhance your journaling experience

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