How to Overcome Anxiety and Face Fear

By Kari

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For many years, I found myself stuck in a warm and cozy comfort zone. For some people, being stuck in a comfort zone may not be such a bad thing.

However, for me, it was more about the anxiety and panic I felt at the thought of leaving that comfort zone. I had no idea how to overcome anxiety and face my fears. Being stuck in the comfort zone was keeping me from experiencing greatness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I recognize and acknowledge the fact that my family is blessed with both material and non-material things. I have a husband and kids who love me. I have a steady business. My husband has a rewarding career. We have two cars. We have a comfortable home. There’s even enough money to cover all the essentials plus a few luxuries each month.

But even with all of this, I knew that there was something important missing in my life. I knew with all my heart and all my soul that there was something more I was supposed to be doing with myself during the short time I have on this Earth. Still, something was holding me back from taking the next step.

The Thing About Anxiety and Fear…

It took me a long while to realize [and admit] that the real reason I had yet to take steps outside of my comfort zone was ANXIETY AND FEAR.  I get super anxious at the first sign of an ambiguous situation. And I’d venture to say that not knowing what card life might deliver you next is a pretty ambiguous situation.

I was so fearful of making the wrong decision when it came to life that sometimes I simply made no real decisions at all.

I feared failure.

Feared what my failure would mean for my family.

I even feared what others would think of my decisions.

When I would think about making changes to my life, my career, and my dreams, my stress levels would automatically increase and I just felt more stuck.

How was I supposed to figure out how to overcome anxiety if simple thoughts were causing me to freeze up?

There were times I would take baby steps towards something new, only to quickly lose that momentum by letting in negativity and fearful thoughts. I was stuck in a terrible cycle of fear.

Rising Above Your Fears…

It’s taken an incredible amount of prayer, patience, meditation, tears, and rejection to even begin to learn how to overcome anxiety and bury the fear of taking the next step in my life.

Creating new friendships, starting a self-improvement blog, writing ebooks, and experiencing more happy moments with my family are just a few of the results I’ve seen come my way after taking a stance against my fears.

There’s a biblical verse that says, “…God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I believe this to be true.

We are not meant to live our lives fearfully and bound by anxiety–that is not what the Universe [God] has in mind for us.

We have the power to rise above our fears and truly embrace this life experience we have been gifted.

Life’s Purpose

I am convinced that part of my life’s purpose is to inspire others with my thoughts, my words, and my actions. Believing in this purpose has changed me and is continuously changing me.

I am at the beginning of a new journey in my life. The road will not always be smooth or easy to follow. I will certainly face a more than a few storms and have to overcome my fair share of barriers.

However, I now trust that the Universe will make a way for me to do the extraordinary things I am certain that I am capable of doing. It’s up to me to find methods to release myself from the chains of anxiety and fear so that I can be open to the beautiful possibilities that await me.

What fears are keeping you from accomplishments in your life?

How to Overcome Anxiety and Face Your Fear

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