9 Best Self-Love Books for Women

By Kari

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Looking for the best self-love books for more confidence and happiness?

A few years ago, I went through what I can only describe as a self-love revolution.

After pouring myself into my marriage, motherhood, work, and a million other responsibilities, I found myself completely and utterly depleted.

I’d spent so much of my energy on other people, there was absolutely nothing left over to give to myself. It was one of the most unhappiest times of my life.

How had I managed to neglect myself so terribly? How could I have possibly given so much love to everyone else but not shown myself any love or compassion? The answer was easy–GUILT.

It felt selfish to focus on myself when everyone else REALLY NEEDED ME. It took a bucket of tears and a mini-meltdown for me to realize that something had to give.

I had to find a way to show myself more kindness and grace and to truly come to believe that self-love is not selfish.

When you take care of yourself, it gives you an opportunity to refuel your tank and also share your energy with others.

Here are a few of the best self-love books to inspire you to take better care of yourself and not feel guilty for doing so.

Mastering the Mindset of Self-Love: A 28 Day Guided Course + Journal

Mastering the Mindset of Self-Love is an journal designed to support you on your journey to embracing a lifestyle that includes spending more time, energy, and money on yourself.

Inside, you will find 28 activities designed to help you to move closer to living a life that is rich in self-acceptance, self-rejuvenation, and self-love.

For the video course and a print-ready copy of the journal, visit selflovemindset.com.

The Self-Love Journal: Banish Self-Doubt and Learn to Love Yourself

The Self-Love Journal is broken down into four parts: 1) Start where you are 2) Banish self-doubt 3) Build self-esteem and 4) Love yourself more.

In a very non-judgmental tone, the book aims to help readers take a deeper dive into their own lives (without guilt or shame) and find ways to move towards self-love.

Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams

In Radical Self-Love, you’ll discover exactly what makes you so magnificent, and you’ll gain a litany of tools and techniques to help you manifest a life bursting with magic, miracles, bliss, and adventure!

The book features fun homework exercises and cool illustrations. It will take you from learning to fall madly in love with yourself, to loving others, to making your world a more magical place through style, self-expression, and manifestation.

A Year of Self-Love: Daily Wisdom and Inspiration for Loving Yoursel

A Year of Self Love has 365 days of wisdom and inspiration to help guide you in your quest for self love. Achieve better self-esteem, more positive thinking, and greater appreciation of yourself with these easy, practical methods.

The book includes daily quotes, tips, activities, and meditations to help you become more accepting and compassionate with yourself.

How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations

Okay, so this isn’t a book, but this beautifully designed deck of 64 powerful affirmations and uplifting messages will help you remember that at the very center of your being, you are safe and you are whole.

Each vibrant card invites you to look within and uncover the beautiful treasure that you are. You deserve to live in an atmosphere of joy and acceptance.

How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People)

How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People) explores staying anchored in the foundation of self-love as you navigate the natural (and often stormy) cycle of a relationship.

The authors cover everything from sex, self-worth, falling in (and out of) love, deep friendships, to breakups—and how to maintain an open heart through it all.

At its core, this book is about learning to love yourself no matter what.

You Are Enough: How to Elevate Your Thoughts, Align Your Energy and Get Out of the Comparison Trap

You Are Enough explores why we have become so worried about what other people think of us, and what our infatuation with comparison can cause on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

If you are sick of striving, or feeling like a perfectionist “comparer”, here are the practical tools for getting out of the comparison trap, so that you can learn to accept yourself as you are, and revel in the sense of peace and ease that this brings.

Madly in Love with ME: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This breakthrough book on self-love changes all that by taking you beyond the idea of loving, valuing, and caring for yourself into daring acts that will help you experience it.

Author Christine Arylo provides practical, fun ways to explore and embody the ten branches of self-love every day and in every part of your life. Reading this book is like receiving permission to treat yourself as a best friend would.

Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are

This workbook empowers women to better their emotional health and make positive changes through the use of self-compassion.

Author and Therapist Megan Logan uses therapeutic tools and writing exercises to help encourage women to develop a positive mindset, deepen self-love, and let go of self-doubt.

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