Practice Self-Love in 10 Simple Ways

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We’re full of love. We have to be.

Whether you’re a dog-mama, plant-mama or a kid-mama, someone (or something) is looking to you for love.

For most, selflessness comes with the adult card. We’re needed and have a purpose. When pouring into others, our hearts are warmed as well—it’s a beautiful cycle. Still, we can’t love on an empty tank.

We have to start with ourselves before we whole-heartedly love those around us. We have to learn how to prioritize and practice self-love.

The tips below will inspire you to start basking in self-love every day.

e can’t love others on an empty tank. We have to start with ourselves and learn how to prioritize and practice self-love.

Basic Needs—Self-Love Style

You know the drill: Nine hours of sleep, eat your vegetables, brush your teeth.

But what if you took your basic needs up a notch?


Naps aren’t just for babies and college kids. I was anti-nap for a long time. They’re a lazy waste of time, I thought. As a newly happy-napper, I’m here to tell you—naps may be the burnout cure.

Scheduling just one or two naps per week, preferably early to mid-week, keeps you recharged and ready for the next day’s challenge.


A self-love classic. But who has the time?

You do—a couple of times a month. Approach self-love with careful planning, and an Epson salt bath will slide right into your schedule.

Alone Time

I recently saw an image online that said, “Remember how we used to say ‘BRB’ when texting or instant messaging? We don’t say that anymore. Because we never leave.”

Social Media Hiatus

Social media keeps us connected to everyone—from our family and friends to trendy influencers we’ve never met.

It can also keep us disconnected from ourselves.

Add a social media hiatus to your calendar. Plan for a few days each month, once a week, or a couple of hours before bed. The time you normally spend scrolling, spend investing back into yourself.

Read a book, watch a RomCom, or snuggle with your significant other.

Affirmation Journal

When we snap out of technology tunnel-vision, we’re finally free to be alone. Use this time intentionally.

Journaling is my go-to way to practice self-love. Keep an affirmation journal and feed your soul a daily dose of positive encouragement—whether it’s a list of that day’s accomplishments or one sentence that says, “Hey gorgeous. You’re doing great.”

You can also purchase an affirmation deck for even more inspiration!

Try the Self-Love Guided Journal

Self-Love Reminders

Kind gestures add up throughout the day, even if we don’t realize it. A smile from a stranger. The rare patron on the highway who lets us squeeze in during rush-hour.

You too can give back to yourself in the same, simple way.

Self-love Notes

My mom would hide love notes in my lunch box when I was a kid. I’d find “Have a great day!” or “I love you, baby.” under my sandwich and smile.

These kinds of notes remind us that we’re loved. They make a big difference when stumbled upon during a stressful workweek.

You can practice self-love by leaving yourself encouraging notes in multiple places: in your desk drawer, on the bathroom mirror, or as the wallpaper on your phone.


My favorite self-love investment.

No matter who they come from (even from yourself), flowers improve your mood and brighten up your day.

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to stick a bouquet of roses in your face. Treat yourself to fresh flowers—gifted to you, from you.

Embrace Your Loved Ones

We can’t always muster the energy to draw a bath or journal about why we’re the best. Alone time is invaluable, but calling in back-up can also serve as an act of self-love.

Small Gatherings

Happiness is best when shared.

When life responsibilities pile up, we tend to forget about the rest of the world. Spending time with loved ones recharges us in ways we can’t recreate on our own.

No one says, “I don’t remember the last time I laughed this hard.” in a room by themselves.

A get-together may be the pick-me-up you need. Whip out your phone and planner, and put a lunch date or two down on the books.

Call Home

I never called my grandma and felt worse when I got off the phone.

No one knows you better than your day-one’s. An old-fashioned phone call will always outweigh a text message with the heart-eyes emoji.

Who knows. You may make your day and your loved one’s.

Create New Experiences

Novelty and adventure spice up the day-to-day grind.

Newness keeps us on our toes, gives us something to talk about and look forward to.

What do you keep eyeing on the internet or driving past during your commute? What have you thought about trying, but have yet to make it happen?

Classes and Workshops

This one isn’t free. But self-love is an investment.

Show yourself some love by learning a unique skill or developing a new interest.

From hot yoga to water-color painting, all you have to do is show up and let your instructor guide you.

YouTube tutorials are great, but nothing beats one-on-one guidance and the otherwise expensive materials included in class.

Self-love Saturday

You don’t have to buy a plane ticket to have an adventure.

Plan a Self-Love Saturday (or Sunday) once a month. You can invite others along or go on a solo expedition.

Check out the cat-café down the street. Eat at a new restaurant. Meander around the city and see where the day takes you.

Think of it as a birthday outing… 12 times a year.

Everyone benefits when you start to practice self-love. You matter. You are worth your time.

Next to swim practice, meetings and doctor’s appointments, don’t forget to pencil yourself in.

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